CES is upon us

Thinking about electronics for Christmas? The prices will be good for this year’s models. And then International Consumer Electronics Show 2015, Las Vegas January  6 - 9, 2015International Consumer Eletrconics Show 2015 happens and some of us will be looking at new electronics to want just about two weeks later. I feel very fortunate that I am not one of those early adopters. Early adopters, who always need to have the latest gadget, have to delay Christmas until CES 2015.  which start on January 6, 2015 in Vegas. This is the largest consumer electronics show of the world, and all the Sony’s, Samsungs, Microsofts, and other electronics manufacturers, introduce the world the next generation of gadgets.

That’s where everything new will happen, and determines the editorial schedule for the TechNews reporters and fill up the topic list for the next year.

Me, I just go my new Moto X and I am happy with it, still getting aquainted to it. It has similar specs as the Nexus 6, also built by Motorola. Moto X is smaller in size and turned out to be a couple hundred dollars cheaper in the pure edition version. This weekend I took it out for the first time and I do like my new camera on this phone.

Today, we are back to work.

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