360° Tour Krypta in the Temple de Saint Sava, Belgrade, Serbia

In June, we visited Belgrade, Serbia and experimented with 360° photography. This is a photo of the Krypta of the Temple. The main church space wasn’t finished yet, except for the mosaic in the rotunda. Christian also made a 360° image. It always looks funny when people using their phone to create these image. They are highly focused to chase down every blue dot in their camera, so the Pixel camera can stick together these immersive experiences. 

I  included the 360° image plugin: Algori 360 Image by Kevin Bazira. and its Gutenberg Block. 

Use our mouse (desktop) to navigate around the picture.  On your phone tilt  or move left or right to explore the Krypta.  Look into all the corners. Don’t forget to look up! There are mosaics on the ceiling, too! If you have a Google Cardboard you can even see it as VR and experience like you were standing as me in the Krypta in Belgrade.