For 2012, I changed the name to “Kunstpausen” which means literally translated “Art Breaks” – In German it means a break from Your work, which if you are lucky can be a great resource of pride. Your work as art… If you day to day life is not artistic at all it Kunstpause gets a double meaning of “breaking away to do some art”. For me it’s a little bit of both. Since this summer I feel mobile photography has the most surprises. I have produced a lot of photos that were shared around on the Internet.  I will stop once in a while in fill in a few new photos from the last few days. I have the vision to put them together for display somehow. Let me know what you think…

Before 2012: This blog was a collection of artifacts, mostly online artifacts, snatched up on the way. Mundane, curious, colorful, funny, interesting things, widgets, tools and images. Some items sneak in from my offline life, mostly visual snapshots. You? A travel partner, who will accompany me for a bit and move on and occasionally come back. What stays is the river, always there, never the same. This blog wish like Flickr, Picasa, australian source, Google and other.


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