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  • Finally.


    “The word “webmaster” has become dated and quite cryptic. One person managing all aspects of a site is, for the most part, no longer the norm. The term has also become ambiguous, potentially referring to anyone fulfilling any of the following duties involved with managing a website: web architects, web developers, site authors, website administrators, website owners,…

  • CES is upon us

    CES is upon us

    Thinking about electronics for Christmas? The prices will be good for this year’s models. And then International Consumer Eletrconics Show 2015 happens and some of us will be looking at new electronics to want just about two weeks later. I feel very fortunate that I am not one of those early adopters. Early adopters, who always…

  • Out and about on Google+

    Social Media Club Southwest Florida Event Post & Slides on Relevanza Event Announcement on National Social Media Club Site Tweets: With #smcswfl friends listening to social tech expert @bph speak about google+ & all the benefits it offers users.… — Kerri Meehan (@ExpressionofArt) January 24, 2013 Still inspired by last week’s @smcswfl meeting re:…

  • Video: Medieval Helpdesk

    Video: Medieval Helpdesk

    YouTube video of a norwegian sketch about an IT monk teaching another monk how to use the newest technology available now in monk’s library.

  • Online Photosharing is evolving beyond Flickr, Picasa etc…Meet EyeEm

  • On Storify: All things Google + (Plus)

    A new social plattform has emerged by Google, Google Plus that will ultimately integrate other Google application with your personal profile and online existence. Be it the +1 Button on other people’s website your checkins into Google Places and your reviews on Yelp. Read how other people write about Google Plus in the first few…