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  • Kunstpause #8 Still life w/ Flower

    Having a “kunstpause” literally, when catching this still life with Flower at Bella Maria Tapas Bar on 5th Avenue South in Naples. We just wandered about three hours around the Downtown Naples New Year’s Weekend Art Fair 2012  and admired  a few artworks along the way. We bought from Janet Miller, www.pewtervessels.com and from Conni Togle, @sheepincognito.

  • Kunstpause #7 Wrapped Apostle

    The sculpture depicts the Apostle Peter, wrapped in a sheet (metaphor of denial) after he denied knowledge of Jesus three times. The sculptor,┬áJosep Maria Subirachs, began work on the Passion Facade in 1987 after he studied Gaudi’s notes and plans for a year. The various scenes and details of the fa├žade aimed to give a…

  • Kunstpause #6: Dust devil over landscape

    Automatons is what I call these fast passed little treasures. They are 8 x 11 canvas boards, created after a painting project is finally done. Now I need to clean the color palette and by doing that I also clean the soul of the residue of the finished painting. The colors are newly mixed and…

  • Kunstpause #3: Abandonment

    Walking through a deserted shopping mall in middle of an otherwise busy historic district is surreal. Time’s a fleeting.

  • Kunstpause #2: Watching

    Standing in the corner and watching – is it people watching? There are no passers-by. Only the sun moves its the shadow.

  • Dali’s inspirations

    We visited Dali-Lala-Land a nick name I use lovingly for the area around Port Lligat, Cadaques & Figueres, about 100 miles Northeast of Barcelona. A great place to stay is Hotel Duran, a place of authentic hospitality, fantastic wait staff, and where the friendship with the owner and Dali & Gala is documemted in a…