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  • Back from Europe in Fall: My latest photos on @Eyeem

    Back from Europe in Fall: My latest photos on @Eyeem

    While testing the various ways, I can reuse photos posted on various photos sharing sites on websites, I discovered the embedded slideshow feature on Eyeem. Here are the latest 20 photos I shared online: Just read about a new feature to include a Tag/Funk collection in a website as well. This would be a great…

  • Kunstpause #8 Still life w/ Flower

    Having a “kunstpause” literally, when catching this still life with Flower at Bella Maria Tapas Bar on 5th Avenue South in Naples. We just wandered about three hours around the Downtown Naples New Year’s Weekend Art Fair 2012  and admired  a few artworks along the way. We bought from Janet Miller, www.pewtervessels.com and from Conni Togle, @sheepincognito.

  • #pauli on EyeEm

    Check out my photos on EyeEm: http://www.eyeem.com/s/user:5927

  • Agent Chef Magical

    An secret encounter in disguise and unlikely companions