Around Books – Past & Present

Look what I found, while doing one of my vanity searches on Google again:-)

Books that mentione my very first Online Publishing project:

It’s an inactive site but it has a lot of sites linking to it so it stays online as long as I find good hosting conditions for it. Thinking of it it probably would be a perfect case to host on the amazon cloud and then I wouldn’t need to worry about it…

As for the Google Books Site,  it has been in the news because it rubs some publishing company’s the wrong way that you can find references to their books in Internet searches. As you are not able to download whole copies but would only be able to read around the particular found section, was perceived as a threat rather a wanted add-on to the Internet search. In times when 80 to 90 % of users go and search the Internet first when they are interested in a topic having books listed as well, gives them so much exposure to the Internet surfer, an exposure publishers are obviously not eager to allow. They rather have the book sitting in their warehouses, because no one knows about them.

I guess, I seem to be honing in on the Authors & Books Festival I volunteered for designing the website and populating it with relevant information. I will also be a presenter on Online persence development for beginners. So knowing about the Goole Book search is really helpful if you are a publisher, self-publishing author or just try to find books in the similar field or genre…

The Authors & Books Festival, held also a great challenge as it is the first conference that was going almost all online, with the registration online, we have great data I was able to use to create the Listings, and the Google Map.

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