Blast from the Past: Mark Russel looks back to 1996 presidential campaign

Next month, I will attend the 7th Annual “Honor the Free Press Day” at the Hilton in Naples. This year’s honoree is Mark Russell, political statirist,, social commentator, entertain er, and PBS veteran.

So I did a little research and found the this gem on YouTube.


In 1996,  at the height of the presidential campaign, Christian and I made our first trip to Florida for a four weeks vacation, two weeks in Pompano, Beach and two week in the Driftwood Inn somewhere up the East Coast. It was also the year when we watch the World Series and Hurricane coverage on TV, I read Clifford Stoll’s book about the Russian hackers he chased, and our trip to Key West, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Disney World, SeaWorld and of course, our first Trip to the Kennedy Space Center. We also made a trip to the west coast to Naples, Florida, where we met on a Sunset Cruise out of Tin City, Christian’s coworker who has moved to Naples. Little did we know that we would follow her 18 month later.





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