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  • Playing Cricket with Cricket Super Star

    Playing Cricket with Cricket Super Star

    Christian enjoyed very much an all Sunday Cricket Game at Sarasota with the great Shiv Chanderpaul. Harish (Captain of Naples Cricket Club) summarizes the game: Ankur Patel was replaced by Janak Patel, the new Star of NCC. He scored 40 runs as an opener and then kept wickets very well accounting for a crucial stump-out.…

  • Kunstpause #8 Still life w/ Flower

    Having a “kunstpause” literally, when catching this still life with Flower at Bella Maria Tapas Bar on 5th Avenue South in Naples. We just wandered about three hours around the Downtown Naples New Year’s Weekend Art Fair 2012  and admired  a few artworks along the way. We bought from Janet Miller, and from Conni Togle, @sheepincognito.

  • Six-A-Side Festival at the Sarasota Cricket Club

    Six-A-Side Festival at the Sarasota Cricket Club

    Again this year, we joined the fine folks of the Sarasota International Cricket Club at their 18th Annual Six-A-Side Tournament. Christian once in a while gets invited to fill in on the team for a few games a year and has made great friends there. I enjoy a fast cricket matches and great athletes show…

  • EyeEm is cool: share via Barcode Scanner

    I just added a photo to the ‘TG @ Haack’s at foodwork’ vibe on EyeEm. Check it out and add yours! Here are the first photos: An evening of preparation and beta-testing – A dressing dress rehearsal!

  • Naples India Fest

    The 2nd Annual Naples India Fest, catered by India Palace of Ft. Myers, and organized by the Naples India Festival committee, it was a great way to meet friends again and Christian’s buddies of the Naples Cricket Club. It seems my HTC camera, is not working right… here are a few scenes from the festival.…

  • Celebrating Diversity In Immokalee

    Bluegrass & Jazz and more