October 2012 - Sarasota Cricket Club

Playing Cricket with Cricket Super Star

October 2012 - Sarasota Cricket Club

Christian enjoyed very much an all Sunday Cricket Game at Sarasota with the great Shiv Chanderpaul.

Harish (Captain of Naples Cricket Club) summarizes the game:
Ankur Patel was replaced by Janak Patel, the new Star of NCC. He scored 40 runs as an opener and then kept wickets very well accounting for a crucial stump-out. Shiv was his usual self scoring a century at his pace and some lofty hits after that to remain unbeaten on 135. We (Sarasota) scored 253 for 6 while they (Daytona) were 25 runs short with 9 wickets down. Christian got a nice wicket (stumpout) on his third ball of the only over he was given. Not my day though, even though I opened along with Janak, their bowling was very good.







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