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  • #Twitterfun: None of them are doctors.

    They have like, three or four kids? Very nice. None of them are doctors.” – my mom, updating me on a family whom she insists I met once in 1983. Anil Dash posted on twitter: Ironically, when my mother describes people’s children (including her own) as non-doctors, she delivers the news as if it were…

  • Video: Medieval Helpdesk

    Video: Medieval Helpdesk

    YouTube video of a norwegian sketch about an IT monk teaching another monk how to use the newest technology available now in monk’s library.

  • Gesten Gesehen

    Lebhaft gestikulieren die Zeigefinger regelmaessig auf den Titelseiten der amerkanischen Tageszeitungen. Man moechte fast glauben, geheime Zeichen wuerden ausgetauscht zwischen den europaeischen Staatsoberhauptern.

  • Just plain – hilarious: Start-up Speak at its Finest

    Religious church going folks into the cloud I really need to learn how talk like that and get new shades! … across integrated platforms utilizing transcendent SEO in conjunction with Cranky Lesbian Media, Inc.