#Twitterfun: None of them are doctors.

They have like, three or four kids? Very nice. None of them are doctors.” – my mom, updating me on a family whom she insists I met once in 1983.

Anil Dash posted on twitter:

Ironically, when my mother describes people’s children (including her own) as non-doctors, she delivers the news as if it were a grave diagnosis. – “Acute amedicalosis? Oh no! Ma, do you think they’re gonna make it?”

Anil Dash continues….

My mother knows every person in Trinidad and will refer to them in conversation as if I’m supposed to know who all of them are.

Laurie Voss

“Do you remember, before you are born, the uncle who had died? It’s his niece, she is going to go to Stanford.”

Anil Dash

My grandmother used to do the same except instead of Stanford it always ended with “yeah well they died.”

Steven Sinofsky

Reminds me of rural Midwest driving directions. “Right, so, you want to go down the old state route and then turn left two roads before where Olsen’s barn used to be, take the right after Carter’s place and then it’ll be a few more minutes and you’re there.

Eric Meyer

To this day, anytime I go home, I get the full rundown of the extended families of kids who were like 3 years behind me in school.

Ross Grady

Absolutely, If one of them has a dog that got sprayd by a skunk, you need to know.

Anil Dash.

There are days, when I love my twitter feed.