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  • we are always returning back home again

    we are always returning back home again

    nah-kev-ho-eyea-zim, I learned today, is Cheyenne and means “we are always returning back home again” Wheel by by Edgar Heap of Birds in front of the Denver Art Museum Wheel was created specifically for its site at the Denver Art Museum and is rich in symbolism. Several American Indian artists were invited to submit proposals for…

  • From the Wires: AP Photos: Afghan women assert themselves with martial arts

    From the Wires: AP Photos: Afghan women assert themselves with martial arts

    A group of young Afghan women in Kabul have taken up Japanese jujitsu, a martial arts form that dates back centuries. They dream of someday competing on the international level. In many ways, jujitsu seems an ideal sport for women in Afghanistan, where gender discrimination has deep cultural and historical roots and where many women…

  • A Study of News Sites' Front Pages

    Articles created on the website of a news company, will bubble up to the front-page. What are the visuals featured for those articles? Here are five examples of today’s front pages: What can we do with headshot featured image? Here are a few examples

  • 44 Songs of Obama’s summer 2019

    On August 24, 2019, this tweet happened: On the following pages you can listen to the song, read the lyrics, find more music by the same musicians and learn more about the artists. If you want to pick go +1 on the page, meaning if you want to learn more about Lauryn Hill (12) go…

  • Civil Liberties

    Interesting videos that helped me understand a few more things. 

  • Difference between a WordPress and Wix website

    You can use your own place or your rent space. You can use a professional or you use someone who know how to assemble things in Wix You can use a free hosting or a professional hosting. The choice is yours. Does your customer care? Do you care? An example of business who switch from…