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  • Kunstpause #36

    Christian brought us a new house mate: our resident orchid. It’s beautiful and I had to shoot a picture of it. In black/white it makes such a timeless impression. It will majestically reign over our household.

  • Kunstpause #5 Happy Place

    Every time life gets a little too hectic and I feel rushed. I take a deep breath and look at the beaches in Naples, Florida. I never get tired of the place. I probably have hundreds of photos of sunsets, sunrises, dramatic Florida clouds. And then I painted quite a few sunsets and beach views…

  • Kunstpause #4: Orchestra

    At the Night Lights Event at the Naples Botanical Gardens celebrating the Winter Solstice, a series of abstract light photos made it into my camera. These FoundArt pictures give me great joy through the serendipitous beauty and the¬†haphazardness of the composition, the enigmatic movements and the underlying speed displayed in these images. I started about…

  • Kunstpause #2: Watching

    Standing in the corner and watching – is it people watching? There are no passers-by. Only the sun moves its the shadow.

  • Kunstpause #1: Miami Stripes

    Kunstpause #1: Miami Stripes

    The coffee cups at the Miami Art Cafe had a very unique design, highly unusual to see in a coffee-deli-bar.¬†The peppermint candy allowed me to use the extraordinary design more like a landscape and the reflections are just as dramatic as the coffee cup design. The tilted angles and the counter action of the camera,…

  • Florida Clouds are fascinating: now an ongoing collection

    I already mentioned that I use Eyeem Android application to upload and share some of my mobile photos when attending events of catching a theme in my photos. It’s has a great feature called Vibe, or more uses is the term “tag” – that all photos have in common on upload and then every one…