Florida Clouds are fascinating: now an ongoing collection

Florida Clouds by #pauli on EyeEmI already mentioned that I use Eyeem Android application to upload and share some of my mobile photos when attending events of catching a theme in my photos. It’s has a great feature called Vibe, or more uses is the term “tag” – that all photos have in common on upload and then every one can see the event’s photos from all people. #Streetart was one common Vibe that resulted in a whole Art Projection Project by EyeEm in Berlin at the end of November.

This month the Blog of EyeEm featured three different Vibes by other photographers, among them  the “Florida Clouds” album by yours truly aka #pauli.

EyeEm write:

It’s obvious that Florida is a nice place, but we didn’t know it had such nice clouds. Birgit Pauli-Haack aka #pauli captures them perfectly in this album. Follow it to be up to date with her latest pictures or, if you’re dwelling in sunny Florida, add your own photos!

And EyeEm also provides an embed code for the album, so you are able to see all the photos posted and feel free to posted your selection of Florida Clouds. The most interesting time of the year for dramatic sky events is the summer time and afternoon thunderstorms are building.





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