#ThrowbackThursday Early years.

birgitI found this on an old NFN web page about its volunteers.

Here is what I wrote in December 2002

After 10 years in Restaurant Management in Germany I not only changed my profession but also the country I live in and came to Naples in August 1998. Christian, my hubby, was relocated by his company. Rumors say due to inclement weather.
After buying a convertible in the first week and moving in to the new place, I joined the Naples Free-Net in September. Fascinated by the Internet and doing homepages already since 1995 in Munich for a similar organization, it seemed to be a good thing to do.

Since then I tried to spread the word about the Internet, helping on the helpteam, joining the Education and the Web Team. Since June I serve on the Board of Directors. ColdFusion is my new toy and passion.

Book Review was my first ColdFusion project. The lastes big project for the Naples Free-Net was the homepage. At the moment the online tools for the new Tiered Services are in preparation. Since May 2002 I am part of NFN’s Executive Committee as Vice-president and since June 2002 I am the Naples Free-Net’s Webmaster and chair the NFN Webteam with the NFN Fusioneers:-)

In November 2002 we finally moved into our new home.

At the Naples Free-Net I met very interesting, heartwarming and awfully smart people. The NFN Volunteers are the closest thing to a family I could get, while my own family and friends are suddenly thousands of miles away.

The Naples Free-Net is very lively organization with dedicated people. It is amazing what this group of volunteers has accoomplished over all these years. I feel very privilege to serv this organization in various projects.

Please feel free to sent suggestions and comments to me under birgit@naples.net.

December 2002


Photo by Christian Haack, 1997 on a boat ride from Teneriffa to Lanzarote. The star & stripes outfit and the Sebastian Inlet hat, I obtained a year earlier at our vacation in Florida.






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