A Naples Art Show: December 2008

If you get a chance to go to the art show today, do it I found some new artists I haven’t seen there before like Michael McKee with some outstanding images done in Pastel, colorful, and great compositions.

Michael McKey Gallery

Or Tim Parker’s with double images with fantasy landscapes overshadowed by female figures and facies. The compositions go far into the distance, a great mastery of perspective.

Tim Parker’s Web site

Or Edward Park, who is a master with his palette knife. A very methodical painter, who succeeds with a few palett knife strockes to create a palm tree, houses. The motives are intriguing every day scenes or scenes from his journeys around the world.

And there is Sharon Kusha with some great abstracts. She did boring Key West houses and beach scenes before, and you can still buy them from her. But in comparison here abstracts are outstanding and some actually took my breath away.


And of course “Murf”, still a favorite of mine who does work for the environmentalists, the UN and other organizations. He has some great multi-media compositions and his colors are very intriguing.

Art of Murf

All in all, I saw much more abstract or modern stuff this year. Of course the conservative, “Sunday afternoon” crowd is also there, but not as overwhelming as usual. Take a walk over the show and talk with the artists, they are very open to any conversation that’s about their work.

Kusha, Sharon






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