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Utopia Letterpress Poster by Steve LambertEvery Sunday, I just bobb around the internet, starting at one of the social networks and follow along where my mouse leads me. Today, I discovered Steve Lambert, lost the starting point, I discovered his new project on Kickstarter and became a backer.

I read more about Lambert’s project on Add-Art, and add on for Firefox to replace online banner ads with curated artwork from young artists. Every two weeks the curators of the project change the set of pictures to be downloaded to your computer and put into your browser in place of a website’s ad displays. Steve Lambers is looking for a new lead developer that makes it Firefox 4 compatible and also leads the groups of volunteer developers to a new version creating channels so digital art from various other projects can be integrated…

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And last but not least, I learned more about Utopia as a direction not as a destination. Steve Lambert at the Transmedial.10 in Germany at Liquid Democracies last year.

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Steve Lambert on Utopia at Transmediale 10 from Steve Lambert on Vimeo.
Excerpted from the Liquid Democracies discussion at Transmediale 10 in Berlin.

See more Transmediale videos here

That should be enough of today, of course, I still have to post more pix from our Europe Trip and also from last week, being at the Last Shuttle Launch for #sts135 and the second final flight of Atlantis. More about it a little later… Gotta go do some work now:-)

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